Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if I don't ride a bike or don't want to ride a bike?

A: You are welcome to attend just the craft beer expo or just consume BBQ at the trucks at the event. All tickets are sold separately so that you do not have to bike if you do not wish to. Cycling is completely optional and not required. The same goes for the cyclist who doesn't care to partake in the craft brew expo, come for the ride stay for the food and enjoy yourself! Craft brew expo attendees are welcome to show up early and cheer on the riders as they come in from their rides as well!

Q: Is your event child friendly?

A: Absolutely, excluding the craft beer expo for obvious reasons. Children are welcome to attend to cheer on the riders or if skilled enough and accompanied by an adult to attempt the 20 mile road ride.  

Q: Will there be childcare provided?

A: There will be no childcare provided.

Q: How do I donate to the CFF in the name of Bike Brew Q? 

A: Simply click the donate buttons located on this site either in the navigation links above or the button conveniently located in the footer of this page.

Q: I'd like to provide items for goodie bags from my business or personally. How do I go about starting that process? 

A: Please fill out the sponsorship form on the volunteer page or click HERE! 

Q: How many tickets for beer do I get at the expo?

A: We will not be running on a ticket system for drinks. After deliberation and attendance to multiple craft brew experiences we have found that things go better for everyone involved if attendees are allowed to self regulate with oversight from our security staff.

Q: What is a craft brew expo exactly?

A: We get asked this question alot! For those unfamiliar with an expo of this nature it is best described as a tasting. You will be given a tasting cup upon entry and allowed to free roam the brewery tables receiving 2oz pours of any beers you would like to try.  You will also be handed a pamphlet to keep track of any notes you may have on a beer as well as explanations of each brew provided. The explanations include ABV (alcohol content), ingredients, style, and pairings. All of this is provided in an open, easy going environment where you have the opportunity to talk with the breweries and other attendees. 

Q: Why Bike Brew Q?

A: Neil Frizell  can be credited with the name. Neil and Ryan were discussing the idea of creating a cycling event, as well as a craft beer event. Ryan came up with the idea of tying the event to a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraiser and ran with it from there.  The event's name has really driven it's construction!

Q: Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

For the craft brew expo only. You will be asked for ID before being allowed into the expo.  If you are underage your ticket will not be refunded and you will be asked to leave.

Q:What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking will be marked the day of the event, and is located on the expo grounds. 

Q: Will designated drivers be provided?

A: No , however for the safety of attendees and the public alike we are available to help make arrangements for responsible transportation. Participant is liable for all fees.

Q: Is the BBQ provided with ticket purchase?

A: No, the BBQ vendors will be selling their items separately from all other activities.

Q: What can/can't I bring to the event?

A: No weapons will be permitted into the expo, this is an event with alcohol involved and for the safety of attendees we have provided security.  You are not allowed to bring in your own beverage containers or beverages. Non alcoholic beverages will be provided inside the expo. No pets or animals unless licensed as a service animal. 

Q: Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

A: Please fill out the contact form located here, or message us on Facebook!

Q: Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

A: Yes, you will be required to make these transfers on your own. If you do transfer your ticket to another party please write the name of the new ticket holder on the ticket and sign it. 

Q: Do you have an event rules and guidelines listed somewhere?

A: Yes we do! It can be located here!

Q: Why are there Ticket Fees?

A: We use a 3rd party service to sell our tickets as this helps us to check in patrons and makes the process much more streamline. We have the fees passed on to the ticket purchaser as a way of being transparent as a charity event. If we were to pay the fees ourselves we would have to raise the price of tickets to cover these fees.  We apologize for any confusion that has resulted from this practice.